Tinkertopia™ - Destination for Creative Reuse + Alternative Art Supplies, A Fun Place for crafty kids

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Alt. Art Supply + Creative Reuse Center + Tinker Craft Party Zone

Reserve a Time in Tacoma's Tinkerspace! call 253-778-6539

Movie Robots Fan Art Crafting Tables Movie Minion Fan Art
For Fun Tacoma Tinker Craft Activities, Tinker STEAM/STEM Workshops
& A Makerspace for Self-directed Upcycled Art Inventions!
Usage Cost Tinker Session Window Buy Time
Individual Building Tinker Time!
Designed for SCHOOL Ages 6 and up
(Yes, 2,3,4 year olds are too little)!
material upgrades available
MONDAY to SUNDAY 7 Days A Week!
Session One 12-1:30pm;
Session Two 3-4:30pm;
(call 253-778-6539 to reserve time)
90 min
Helper Supervisor/Observer Grown-up $5.00 see above 90 min

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (FAQ): Grand Reopening Updates...

We are super excited to get back to making stuff in our on-site Tinkerspace! However, gone are the days when you can just drop in during an open session. We listened to families and how confusing and heartbreaking it was to arrive for tinkering only to be turned away because we were so busy and there weren’t any spots left. We listened when families suggested reserved times to guarantee access. We are in the process of designing a system to help navigate planning your visit for safety and creativity. This is all so new to us, but our gut is telling us it’s about time.

  1. Reserve Your Time, call 253-778-6539

    Time slots are still 90 minutes long. Reservations can be made by calling for availability. We will be booking spots recommended Two (2) weeks in advance. EVEN SO, there could be same-day tinker time-slots available so give us a call ASAP! SAVE TIME BY getting started filling out your required waiver/release form now! The TinkerSpace Crafting Tables at Tinkertopia in Downtown Tacoma

  2. New Pricing: How Much does the TinkerSpace Cost?!

    Craft Activity Room User Fees FULL BREAKDOWN menu
    Itemized Tinkerspace Fee Breakdown Cost USD Notes
    Base Visitor Fee.... $5.00 Anyone who occupying space in our TinkerSpace
    Tinker Material Fee.... $5.00 All-You-Can-Use saladbar of Tinker-Materials
    Tinker Material Upgrades.... Prices Vary, See UPGRADES upgrade base material fee to a BULK BAG OR KIT!
    Tinkerspace User Pricing Diagram Tinkerspace pricing has changed. To visit the Tinkerspace, there is a $5.00 base visitor fee regardless if you are tinkering or not. A $5.00 material fee is charged for all those who will be walking out with creations (so $5+$5=$10). The option to upgrade this material fee is available if you wish to preshop in the store and fill a bulk bag before your reserved tinker-session.
  3. Tinkerspace Recommended Group Size is Small

    Smaller Tinkerspace

    We shrunk our space considerably during the pandemic to allow for more retail purchasing. This means we will only be offering very small groups to ensure visitors are having a comfortable time and not too much crowding. NO MORE FRENZIES AROUND THE GLUE GUN STATION!! YAY!
  4. No More Private Tinker-Birthday Parties :-(

    Gah! No more parties? No more parties. Here is what we suggest instead… you can invite a few friends (maybe 5 or 6) to hang out and tinker together then head down the street to Hello Cupcake for a treat or visit one of the other great dining establishments for lunch. We are saying no to hosting events with food etc.BIG BIRTHDAY PARTIES are suspended indefinitely
  5. Book a Private Workshop, YOU CAN!

    Small themed workshops are a nice alternative to birthday parties too. We are currently compiling a list of all the fun workshops we have hosted in the past and are ready to meet your tinkering needs, just ask!
  6. School + Camp Field Trips

    Large mega field trips are on hold for now. We are not able to accommodate visits from organizations with numerous attendees.
  7. Retail Art Supply Shopping is Active!

    Our on-site retail space is bigger and better and open for business! The entry fees above are attached to our craft room, not the shopping area. Have you seen our new ONLINE Tinkertopia Store Catalog? Pick ups available!
  8. Parking...

    90min City Street parking is available out front the shop. You will need to pay at the parking kiosk. You can also park across the street at the Washington State History Museum CHEAP and for longer max times! Also, you can find the same deal on the UW Tacoma campus parking lots up the hill behind the shop. Also also, we are lucky to be directly on transit hub if you wanna ride the LINK or BUS. HECK, there is even a marina very close if you have a boat!
  9. You MUST wear a mask at Tinkertopia Mandatory Mask Wearing Required

    CDC Recommends that even if you are fully vaccinated you should wear a mask, also this is best for kids who are too young to get the vaccine! Thank you for thinking of others and wearing a mask. PLEASE go get vaccinated.

This is a learning experience for us as well as we figure out what works best, but we hope things will go smoothly and we can plan to make tinkering a thing once again.

TINKER-MATERIAL UPGRADES: Get an extra Bulk Bag of supplies for tinkering!

We collect surprising materials offering them for creative reuse as discount ALTERNATIVE arts and craft supplies! While Rare/Ancient items are individually priced, most materials are sorted and sold in... BULK BY BAG SIZE (plus sales tax)! Choose from 3 different bag girths:

EXAMPLE CREATIONS from the minds of our Tinker Cadets...

BONUS RESOURCES: Arranged in an all-you-can-use saladbar of materials and expertly curated by Tinkertopia staff! Die Cut Machine Press + Card Stock; Hot Glue Guns + Sticks; Cordless Drill; Screw Gun; Paper Chopper; Pop Riveter; Reference Library; Tinker Examples; Fabric; Wood; Paper; Craft Wire; Stickers+Tape; Sharpie Markers; ___________ ? The only limitation is your imagination!

Flower Pots From a Famous Video Game Robot Head Space Armadillo Hedgehog Diner Set Love Bug Spycraft Party Diner Set Mask Makers husky squid occupy tacoma in a box doll house ball launcher space armadillo tinker crab Tag us in your Tinker Creation Picture #tinkertopia; #tinkerbuilt SEE ALSO: Tinkerspace Photostream!

About Us - Creative Reuse + Tacoma Tinker Party Maker Space Specialists

Tinkertopia, LLC. works with local businesses, capturing safe, reusable materials from the wastestream (aka Great Material Continuum), and reimagines these as unusual arts and craft supplies for kids, teachers, makers and tinkerers.

CEO Ms. Darcy + Spokesmodel Commander RR

FOUNDERS: CEO Ms. Darcy + Spokesmodel Commander RR

Founded by two Tacoma artists (one a preschool art teacher, the other a political cartoonist), Tinkertopia™ promotes an definitive sense of planetary resource conservation working with local industries to divert safe+clean remnants, seconds, scraps, off-cuts, discards, misprints and overstock from the waste stream, then redistributing these goods as low-cost arts & crafts supplies.

One person's junk is another person's bonanza of materials for early education art classes, learning games, science experiments, crafts, costuming, and other expressions of creativity. You'll see a variety of innovative uses for everything we collect on display throughout the store. Tinkertopia™ is designed for everyone, regardless of skill level, but mostly school-aged children with a creative streak!

A Proud Alumni of Spaceworks Tacoma "Creative Endeavor" Program

Tinkertopia, LLC. is a graduate of Spaceworks Tacoma, a joint non-profit of the City of Tacoma Arts Commission and the Tacoma-Pierce County Chamber of Commerce! Spaceworks is working to activate Tacoma with destination-quality artwork, art projects, and arts-based business.