Donate arts and crafts materials to Tinkertopia in Tacoma!

IN SEARCH OF: TINKER-MATERIALS Donate Used Arts + Craft Supplies! The January Cure Starts Here!

TINKER PATROL CALL TO ACTION: Don’t let these materials go to waste! Give ’em a home at Tinkertopia. Donate any of these fine materials listed below today… And know that your hoard will be transformed into something magical. Your local art students will thank you, we call this cycle “The Great Material Continuum” + LOCAL PICKUPS AVAILABLE, depending on the mood of our volunteer van driver. DROP OFFS, now by appointment only.. PLEASE EMAIL a description of items and estimated box/bag volume size.. | consult our in-store IN SEARCH OF newsletter here – New Years Resolution: Tidy UP!

  • plastic animal Animals
  • deer antlers Antlers
  • toy car Axles
  • small fabric plastic bags Bags
  • all size baskets Baskets
  • all types of craft beads Beads
  • science lab glass Beakers
  • stuffing beans Beanbags
  • ball bearings Bearings
  • jingle bells classroom bells Bells
  • Bendies
  • jointer biscuits Biscuits
  • bicycle blinkers Blinkers
  • toy blocks Blocks
  • sewing bobbins Bobbins
  • beer bottle caps only Bottle Caps
  • bowling pin recycling Bowling Pins
  • any metal brackets Brackets
  • used lego bricks any condition, fake legos recycle here Bricks (legos)
  • paint brushes Brushes
  • plastic or preserved insects Bugs
  • burlap Burlap Sacks
  • antique sewing buttons Buttons
  • bicycle buzzers Buzzers
  • trading cards baseball pokemon football marvel Cards
  • hotwheels matchbox toy cars Cars
  • stickers vinyl fabric Cast Offs
  • audio tapes Cassette Tapes
  • metal chains Chains
  • metal chimes Chimes
  • tool clamps Clamps
  • plastic clappers Clappers
  • office clips Clips
  • clocks any condition Clocks
  • wine corks Corks
  • rock crystals Crystals
  • old teaching supplies Cubes
  • board game dice Dice
  • plastic toy dinosaurs Dinosaurs
  • novelty doodads Doodads
  • wooden dowel recycling Dowels
  • fine art erasers Erasers
  • fabric scrap yardage Fabric
  • Quilting fabric Fat Quarters
  • craft feathers Feathers
  • leather Flaps
  • clean silk fake flowers Flowers
  • any computer floppy discs Floppy Disks
  • rock fossils Fossils
  • any coins Foreign Coins
  • clean metal or plastic funnels Funnels
  • Tabletop Board Game Boards Board Game Boards
  • any game pieces Game Pieces
  • any clean gears Gears
  • googly Eyes please Googly Eyes
  • mystery holes Holes
  • metal cup hooks Hooks
  • embroidery hoops Hoops
  • bicycle boat car horns Horns
  • clean hose Hoses
  • any craft books How To Books
  • used keys skeleton keys Keys
  • door knobs Knobs
  • leather scrap reycling tacoma Leather
  • glass lenses Lenses
  • any lego mini figures Lego Minifigs
  • sign letters Letters
  • LED lamps Lights
  • toy building logs Logs
  • metal craft magnets Magnets
  • science magnifying Lenses Magnifiers
  • old mailboxes any condition Mailboxes
  • road maps classroom maps charts Maps
  • glass marbles Marbles
  • military decorations cub scout medals awards Medals
  • craft mirrors Mirrors
  • toy car train airplane models Models
  • working electric motors Motors
  • novelty nicknack ephemera Nicknacks
  • garden nozzels Nozzles
  • house numbers signage Numbers
  • art craft paint recyling Paints
  • art paper office paper Paper
  • stuffed animal pellets Pellets
  • school Pencils art pencils color Pencils Pencils
  • mostly piano guts recycling Pianos
  • haunted family photos Photos
  • novelty enamel pins campaign pins Pins
  • wind toys Pinwheels
  • science equipment Pipettes
  • drain Plugs Plugs
  • plastic poppers Poppers
  • toy Propellers boat Propellers flying Propellers
  • paper leather craft punches Punches
  • used puzzle recycling Puzzles
  • crystal Pyramids Pyramids
  • novelty rainbows Rainbows
  • office paper reams Reams
  • bicycle reflectors Reflectors
  • craft ribbons sewing ribbons Ribbons
  • door bells Ringers
  • jewelry rings Rings
  • paper fabric rolls Rolls
  • rubber horn bulbs Rubber Bulbs
  • rubber inking stamps sales samples Rubber Stamps
  • formica chip samples rubber samples Samples
  • nice scraps Scraps
  • donate used sewing machines Sewing Machines
  • leather shapes Shapes
  • sea shell crafts Shells
  • donate used spools Spools
  • silver spoon crafts Spoons
  • now on sprockets Sprockets
  • novelty toy squirters Squirters
  • any kind of stickers Stickers
  • tacoma rocks Stones
  • science supply stoppers Stoppers
  • craft string guitar strings Strings
  • clean Polyfill stuffing Stuffing
  • clean suction cups Suction Cups
  • donate design swatches Swatches
  • used switches Switches
  • craft tacks Tacks
  • donate any tape Tape
  • Surplus Test Tubes Test Tubes
  • sewing thread Threads
  • novelty tidbits Tidbits
  • interesting resin tiles Tiles
  • recycle altoid mint tins here Tins
  • any condition tool boxes Tool Boxes
  • old rusty hand tools Tools
  • toy spinner tops Tops
  • donate model railroad parts Trains
  • chinese finger traps Traps
  • novelty trinkets Trinkets
  • donate used trophies Trophies
  • clean surgical tubing Tubes
  • We want Old Typewriters Typewriters
  • metal plastic rubber washers Washers
  • physics weights Weights
  • castor wheels Wheels
  • used whistles Whistles
  • novelty wind-up toys Windups
  • hobby electronics craft wire Wires
  • donate old x ray photographs X-rays
  • donate clean yarn fiber arts Yarns
  • used zippers Zippers

Material Donation FAQs – How to Supply Tinkertopia with Alt. Craft Materials for Art!

CAN I JUST DROP STUFF OFF? One or Two sorted bags of things you’ve dropped off in the past, sure. A full-carload of materials you think we may like… please schedule a time to drop off! Space is extremely limited and our sorting area is our maker-space 🙂  MATERIALS MUST BE CONTAINED IN STACKABLE BOX or Grocery sack for smaller loads. Emptying a reusable container onto our check out counter is not ideal. 

ITEMIZED RECEIPTS? Although it is TRUE that Tinkertopia™ was born out of the community-driven, non-profit 501c SpaceWorks Tacoma, we are currently operating as a micro, for-profit mom&pop LLC. THUS AND SO we cannot offer any tax write-off paperwork in exchange for material donations. We have no million-dollar CEOs, but we work hard to make rent (we love you UWT) and proudly pay taxes!


DO YOU BUY STUFF? We do not buy. We do not buy. We do not buy. We do not buy. There is no money.

I DON’T HAVE ANY STUFF, BUT I WOULD LIKE TO DONATE MONEY…? Yes, You can become a financial supporter of Tinkertopia by clicking here…


SCHEDULE A TINKERMOBILE RUN, But mostly drop off times weekly!

The Humble Tinkermobile, 2000 Chevy Astro

The Humble Tinkermobile, 2000 Chevy Astro

Tinker Döstädning

What is Swedish death cleaning? Swedish death cleaning is a well-known concept in Swedish and Scandinavian culture, where you work on eliminating unnecessary items from your home, so loved ones won’t be burdened with the task after you pass, Tinkertopia can help!

DO NOT WANT: We will politely decline on the following items… ¡no, gracias!

Please recycle or trash where appropriate. Contact with questions! These items are typically too sticky, smelly and or gross for our material sorting volunteers…

  • No Thanks do not want Deck Stain
  • No Thanks do not want Baby Toys
  • No Thanks do not want Old Batteries
  • No Thanks do not want Bubble Wrap
  • No Thanks do not want Cat Food Cans
  • No Thanks do not want Old Clothing
  • No Thanks do not want Couch Foam
  • No Thanks do not want CFL Bulbs
  • No Thanks do not want Chew Toys
  • No Thanks do not want Canning Lids
  • No Thanks do not want TV Dinners
  • No Thanks do not want Egg Cartons
  • No Thanks do not want Foam Meat Trays
  • No Thanks do not want House Paint
  • No Thanks do not want Juice Lids
  • No Thanks do not want Kitchen Appliances
  • No Thanks do not want Kitchen Wares
  • No Thanks do not want Mattress
  • No Thanks do not want Gross Medical Waste
  • No Thanks do not want Plastic Mesh
  • No Thanks do not want Pill Bottles
  • No Thanks do not want Vacuum Cleaners
  • No Thanks do not want Shampoo Bottles
  • No Thanks do not want Tiny Fabric Scraps
  • No Thanks do not want Toiletries
  • No Thanks do not want Wrapping Paper
  • No Thanks do not want fast food
  • No Thanks do not want Lazy-boy Recliners
  • No Thanks do not want Yogurt Containers

SEE: Your Materials UPCYCLED by our Tinker Cadets!

Sold as discount “alt. art materials” to art students on campus AND as part of our all-you-can-use salad bar of TINKER MATERIALS in our TINKERSPACE ACTIVITY CRAFT ROOM! Here are some examples of real “Tinker Creations” below…

Tag us in your Tinker Creation Picture #tinkertopia

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