Online Tutorial Zine for making purchases of rare oddities you may spot on our social media feeds of realtime new arrivals and original creations from Tinkertopia…

YOU ARE HERE: START, PART ONE (1) Follow along in the comfort of your home as real-time updates featuring new arrivals and the very latest artistic creations flow into your social media feeds, Everything is for sale! Don’t be shy, reach out in the comments, direct message, private message..

PART II – THE FEEDS: Things that we keep in stock and build ourselves we will eventually add to our seat-of-the-pants, fly-by-night, free SQUARE online store that we hurriedly slapped together during the great pandemic lock-down of TWO THOUSAND AND TWENTY ONE a.d. and yes, we are keeping it going and yes we still can arrange a contactless, curbside pickup for just about anything. Did you know there is a fire hydrant right out side the shop? Well you pull right in there and text/call and we will send a runner out it’s that easy! **CHECK OUT OUR NEW ONLINE STORE HERE**! MEANWHILE, all the antiques, one-off oddities, novelties and curiosities we document firstly on our Spokesmodel Commander RR’s Instagram then those photos are piped into our Tinkertopia Facebook page and then sometimes a video is made on the Tinkertopia TikTok account. And sometimes we then make snarky commentary over on our little known Rerun Tinker Crab Twitter account. Admittedly it is a byzantine system, but to the brave seeker… happy treasure hunting!

PART II, Part 2 – OPTIONS How to Contact? Call, Email, Text, Private Message, Direct Message, Public Comment… operator is standing by 24hrs, 8 days a week as a Nazgûl flies! ALL WE NEED IS YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS! Tell us what you want, how many.. if you’d like it shipped or for pick-up. we will generate an invoice from SQUARE and you’ll see it pop up in your email! Act fast, we’ll update our original post if the item has recently SOLD OUT!

PART III – FAQ: DO YOU SHIP? A: OH YES WE DO! You can curbside pick up for free, but if you really just want a box in the mail, no problem! We ship exclusively with the United States Postal Service (USPS) using their amazing flat-rate priority mail service. SEE ABOVE graphic for rates! Free Tracking, Email Updates Free insurance all included for free using flat rate boxes. AND it supports the Post Office, we do our part!

IN CONCLUSION: BE THE SPACE BRAIN And help Tinkertopia through these dark times. Toss a coin to that INVOICE TIP FIELD too! You never know what extra thank you gifts might appear in your order!

T.E.D. TALK: Tinker Edutainment Digest by Spokesmodel Commander RR, 2022 a.d.

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AS SAW ON TEE VEE – operators standing by

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