Stretch Your Thinking: Recommended Books for Home Library!

every tinker library should be stocked with these books, great gift ideas too! ADDITIONAL GIFT IDEAS INCLUDE BUT NOT LIMITED TO: Hot Glue Gun!  Every house should have a hot melt glue gun.

Tinkertopia’s In-House Zine Library Archive

Tinker University Zine Publication list: Tinkertopia’s Great Material Continuum!; Tinkertopia’s The Five R’s Reduce Reuse Recycle Refuse Rot!; The Hairy Mermaid; Work Dog Choose Your Pwn Adventure; Space Trek Puzzle Zine by CLAW; Unloved Mysteries of PNW Big Foot, UFOs and DB Cooper; Phrenology: A guide to Junk Science; Rainbro Gnome Coloring Book; HOW TO PAINT!; How to Draw Comics the Tinkertopia Way!; Urban Gruella Art Guide Zine; Writing Codes and Cyphers; and MORE!

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